Valentine’s Day at Collier’s Croft

Valentine’s Day at Collier’s Croft

So, we have reached the month of love, and what a month it has been, from sending special messages to our loved ones to making our very own pancakes we have had a blast!

The run up to Valentines day was filled with lots of arts and craft sessions, making valentines cards, having a little colouring therapy with heart and rose mandalas. The ladies on the ground floor have become dab handers in painting, they have finished two wooden bird boxes, which are now proudly hanging in our communal gardens, and have made and painted clay models.

We have continued with our daily exercises, focusing on our dementia floors, they have really enjoyed keeping fit as we have made it more fun with balloons and bats and small indoor floor games such as ring toss and tin can knock down. This helps with their muscle strength and keeping their brains active.

Pancake day was a massive hit throughout the home, in the morning Hannah and some of the residents from the middle and ground floor had lots of fun decorating some American style pancakes with strawberries, Blueberries, chocolate sauce, syrup and Honey. Food activities are proving to be very popular more with our dementia residents as it brings back so many wonderful childhood memories for them and also stimulates their senses, smelling different foods, tasting different tases and feeling different textured foods. In the afternoon, our Chef Gaynor made home made pancakes and served them with chopped bananas, chocolates sauce, lemon, and sugar, absolutely PERFECT!

Lets talk about music, this month we have tried to involve music as much into our activities as possible as it has such a positive impact on our lovely residents, from boogeying to The Beatles to swaying to Elvis Presley, anything from the singing 60s right up to the current pop, music is the life and soul of Dementia, if you follow our Facebook page you would have seen one of our lovely ladies singing word for word Elvis – Cant help falling in love, it was so moving to watch and brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

To finish off the month of February we have had a very special birthday bash, our lovely Doris turned a ripe old age of 102 years old, we had an afternoon tea party with lots of champagne and good company. Doris really enjoyed her Zoom call with her family. She is such a remarkable woman, who has fought of COVID 19 may I add, with only recently coming off her feet, she still enjoys a good glass of champers and chocolates! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORIS!

Here’s to getting ready for spring!

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