5 Amazing Stars of Damfield Gardens

5 Amazing Stars of Damfield Gardens

Incredible Residents of Damfield Gardens

This September will mark the five year anniversary of Damfield Gardens, and to celebrate it we decided to find five wonderful facts about our amazing residents.

We couldn’t believe some of the stories we uncovered when we starting asking around, and it was a pleasure to hear everyone’s stories. These are just some of the incredible facts about our residents…

Barbara McCoy: A Big Winner

Barbara has been part of the Damfield Gardens’ Family since January 2020. She’s a keen Bingo player and once won £1000, which at the time was considered to be a life-changing amount of money. She continued her winning streak when she won a holiday to what was then known as Yugoslavia. Barbara was also once crowned “Miss Lovely Legs” at Butlins’ Holiday Camp. She was also a keen netball player, playing for numerous teams for over 25 years as well as starting up the ‘Maghull Meadows’ team who practised regularly in the pub car park!

Barbara married an Olympic champion, Charlie McCoy, who represented Great Britain in the 1960 Olympics in Rome and also in the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia.

Belle Brand: Miss Devon

Belle came to join us at Damfield Gardens in September 2021.
In the days of seaside beauty contests, Belle was once crowned Miss Devon Coast. She says it’s a day she’ll never forget.
We’re sure you’ll agree Belle was a very worthy winner!

Arthur Readwin: A Heroic Centenarian

Arthur has been part of the Damfield Gardens’ Family since May 2021 He will be celebrating his 100th birthday in November. He is an extremely patriotic gentleman who fought in World War II and was decorated with no less than 6 medals! What a hero!

Pauline Eales: A Damfield Gardens Veteran

Pauline has lived at Damfield Gardens since  November 2019.
She was one of the very first ladies to move into Damfield Gardens and has been with us from the start. At 92 years’ young, Pauline still enjoys her daily walks around our beautiful gardens and attributes her sprightliness to a lifetime of practicing yoga and hiking. Pauline and her late husband Alan spent years travelling and hiking and she says one of her greatest achievements was climbing one of the Munro Mountains, as well as scaling up Ayers Rock in Australian. Pauline spent her career as a teacher and rose to the position of Deputy Headmistress. She taught at Green Park school here in Maghull and some of our staff here remember her from their school days!

Lilly Molloy: 104 Years’ Young

Lilly has been part of our lovely Damfield Gardens community since January 2021.
At 104 years’ young Lilly is our oldest resident and she is absolutely amazing. She loves nothing more than to chat with our staff and other residents while she has her daily walks around. Lilly loves to hear about everyone’s family and never fails to enquire about the wellbeing of staffs’ children and grandchildren.
Lilly spent her life working in various offices and finished her career working as a clerk at Hanson’s Dairies . She attributes the spring in her step to the fact that she used to cycle everywhere, thinking  nothing of cycling to Chester at the weekend.

This September we will be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary and all the very special people who make up our Care Home in Maghull, both the ones above and everyone else that goes to make our lovely community, at our big Anniversary party on the 9th September.

We look forward to seeing all our residents’ relatives and the friends of Damfield Gardens Care Home for a wonderful day of fun – with live music, a bouncy castle, face painter, ice cream van, stalls, a candy cart, BBQ and traditional fairground games.

Come along and meet all our Superstars!

Damfield Gardens Stars



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