Fabulous Start to the New Year

Fabulous Start to the New Year

Our residents started the week with an enjoyable work out session accompanied with a sing-a-long to their favourite music from the 1950s.

We’ve recently introduced interactive tables for the entertainment of our residents. They’ve been colouring pictures, playing the piano and have tended to our sensory interactive fish tank.

On Wednesday 8th was Elvis Presley’s birthday, we had a tea party in the morning whilst joyfully reminiscing on his life and achievements through listening to some of his most decorated tracks. This was followed by an Elvis-themed Zumba session in the afternoon which went down brilliantly with our residents.

This morning nursery children came into the home to converse and establish relationships with our residents. They were telling us what they got for Christmas and talking about their schoolwork, this was incredibly heart-warming to witness.

Our residents have been formulating their New Year’s resolutions which we have put on display for families to view in reception.


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