Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Well March has certainly been a busy month here at Damfield Gardens.

We all agree that the highlight has got to be our residents reuniting with their family members and being able to hold hands albeit with some restrictions still in place. There has been lots of tears but thankfully they have been happy tears. There was a special reunion between Honor and Bill who have had to endure a long separation even though they are a married couple.

We’ve celebrated lots of birthdays and every residents birthday is important to us although to have lily celebrate her 102nd birthday was really quite special.

Our St Patrick’s Day party was such good fun and everyone entered into the spirit, singing and dancing to all the catchy Irish tunes.

Mothering Sunday was a special day when our much loved mums received so many gifts and flowers the staff were helping them open presents the whole day.

Finally we had the Reflection Day which was rather emotional considering what a difficult year it has been and obviously remembering the people that we have all loved and lost. It was also a day for looking forward as well and lots of our residents put their wishes and hopes for the future onto our remembrance tree, let’s hope we can help make them come true this year!


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