General Residential Care at Highpoint

Has living at home started to feel unsafe, for either you or an elderly relative? Could you or your family benefit from extra help and support? Our team of kind, highly trained professionals are ready to help. 

At Highpoint, we specialise in General Residential Care, so we know exactly what to do if you or your loved one feel you would benefit from having support on hand 24/7.

Our approach to General Residential Care is centred around support. We advocate for our residents’ sense of independence, encouraging them to take part in fun and social activities organised by our team. With General Residential Care at Highpoint, you can trust that your loved one’s sense of self, their independence, and their social life will flourish.

General Residential Care is for those who need basic levels of support. It is a system under which our residents can thrive, meeting like-minded people and developing friendships in a safe and supportive environment. Reach out to us now if it sounds as though General Residential Care would be a good fit for you or your loved one.