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Last Week’s Activities

By 10th February, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

We began the week with our very own sensory session ran by Hannah, the residents really enjoyed this session. We had lots of sensory items including some silicone tiles which the residents could either hold in their hands or place on the floor and put their feet on to feel the textures. We also had a light curtain with hung from the ceiling and lit up with all different colours, Norah was fascinated with this and loved having it draped over her knee. In the afternoon we made our very own valentines display with our arts and crafts session, it is currently placed in our café area awaiting our Valentines tea party next Friday.

Tuesday, we had a lovely church service by Lilly from English Martyrs Church in Haydock, some new faces from our residents attending.

Wednesday was Café morning where all our residents come to enjoy some music and a chat with friends and families over a nice cuppa and a piece of cake. This week’s music theme was old war time music.

Thursday the children from Holyrood nursery came to help us build up our valentine’s decoration display but unfortunately the children wanted to take them back to the nursery with them to give to their friends. In the afternoon was our ‘Walk It Out’ club and this week was a 1:1 walk with Norma, it helped with her anxiety to get a bit of fresh air and have a little chat, we sat for a while out on the benches before having a little stroll around the garden.

Friday morning was very enjoyable we had Ian and Al joining us here on the ground floor, from Music in Mind, who entertained our residents for an hour with their comedy musical set, they interacted with each and every resident on a personal level, the room was buzzing, even the families where complimenting them. This afternoon we settled down to a couple of games of Bingo, again a full house with 4 winners today.

Last Week’s Activities

By 3rd February, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

Monday saw our top floor residents joyfully partake in a couple of hours of crosswords and anti-stress apps on our interactive table, with Dorothy, Vera and Margaret getting stuck into the crosswords.

Our dementia residents thoroughly enjoyed our balloon and ball games in the quiet lounge (it wasn’t so quiet!), with Tony showing us his fantastic football skills!

On Wednesday our ground floor residents had lots of fun with musical instruments and had a good old dance to their favourite memorable songs from the 1950s and 60s.

The children from the local nursery came in to enjoy our ‘fun mornings’ with various activities taking place. In the afternoon members of our walking club enjoyed a short walk around the locality whilst chatting about old times and enjoying some fresh air.


Last Week’s Activities

By 27th January, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

We started the week by having Holy Communion as well as a pamper day on Tuesday, the ladies love getting their nails done!

On Wednesday two of our residents attended Haydock library to their Dementia Cafe where Dorothy renewed her library card and took out two books, whilst Vera enjoyed looking at some picture books. Sharon lead our weekly zumba with extra turnout and some very groovy dance moves on display this week!

Thursday saw us have lots of fun with the amazon Alexa’s, with the care staff making us all laugh singing and dancing to ‘Penny Arcade’ and lots of other fun Irish songs.

Hannah and Carly have started a walking club, this week we walked around local avenues chatting about how much we paid for our first house. Colin won that prize with the bargain-hunter paying only £500 in the 1940s!

On Friday we had a game of bingo in the morning and in the afternoon we sampled various chinese foods to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Amazon Alexa’s

By 22nd January, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

This week we have introduced our residents to their very own Alexa’s which is brilliant as she can play whatever music they wish whenever they wish with the ease of verbal instruction.

Each Alexa is situated in every communal lounge on each floor, with access to over 500 million songs!

Here’s Elsie enjoying getting to grips with this fabulous new technology.

Last Week’s Activities

By 22nd January, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

To begin the week our residents enjoyed a music and light sensory session in which silicone tiles of different textures were placed on the table and we reminisced with some 1950s replicas.

On Tuesday we had a family member come into to entertain our residents, playing the keyboard for almost two hours as well as a local church coming in to give our residents holy communion and sing some hymns. This was a joyful day of everybody looking so happy and content in their chairs listening and tapping along to the music with their feet.

We opened the café to our resident’s families on Wednesday with everyone coming in and enjoying baked cakes and tea and coffee with some music and a sing-a-long. In the afternoon we zumba’ed our bodies with Sharon for an hour and a half getting up and dancing and exercising.

Thursday saw local nursery children come to visit. Our residents love it when these adorable youngsters come in to exchange stories, as well as teach them new dance moves weekly!

We all made our very own Chinese New year Dragon on Friday which has been displayed in the reception area. In the afternoon we relaxed with a game of bingo which saw a full turnout for our residents.

Fabulous Start to the New Year

By 9th January, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

Our residents started the week with an enjoyable work out session accompanied with a sing-a-long to their favourite music from the 1950s.

We’ve recently introduced interactive tables for the entertainment of our residents. They’ve been colouring pictures, playing the piano and have tended to our sensory interactive fish tank.

On Wednesday 8th was Elvis Presley’s birthday, we had a tea party in the morning whilst joyfully reminiscing on his life and achievements through listening to some of his most decorated tracks. This was followed by an Elvis-themed Zumba session in the afternoon which went down brilliantly with our residents.

This morning nursery children came into the home to converse and establish relationships with our residents. They were telling us what they got for Christmas and talking about their schoolwork, this was incredibly heart-warming to witness.

Our residents have been formulating their New Year’s resolutions which we have put on display for families to view in reception.


Happy New Year to all our residents at Collier’s Croft

By 9th January, 2020 Colliers Croft, Haydock Comments Off

We’ve had a ball of a time over the festive season!

Lots of performances have been taking place including visits from beautifully-sounding local school choirs, a brilliant pantomime, the Christmas party and even the senior management team giving a memorable Christmas carol performance!

The residents also enjoyed stimulating activities such as singing carols in the cafe and partaking in Zumba classes.